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Front-End Developer

To make the story short:

I'm a front-end developer student with a burning passion for the web and how we can continue making it better every day. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple with a focus on writing clean and efficient code.

My future goal is to be involved in projects that I can be proud of, join an amazing team and advance my development skills. If you're interested in helping me make this happen,

A little bit about me...

I was born on an autumn day back in 1982. You're most sure to find me at Kungsholmen in Stockholm or on my bike exploring new routes. I have a background within E-Commerce and I guess that's where my interest in responsive design was brought.

I started my webdeveloper journey when the cherry blossoms started blooming in 2016. I totally fell in love with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and am now a Front-End Developer student eager to learn new things every day.

When I'm not all caught up in my code I love being out in the wild with my dog, Lucas, or on a plane heading to one of the worlds great cities.

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Hope to hear from you!

I'm currently available and hungry to pratice and further develop my skills in rewarding projects.
If you're curious to know more or have something to offer, feel free to drop me a line.