Magnus Öhrström

"Front-End Developer with a background in arts and crafts and a keen interest in form and function." Link to Magnus Github Closing arrow


Joanna Högberg

Front-End Developer with a passion for responsive design. Loves turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and interface designs with a focus on writing clean and efficient code. Link to Joannas Github Closing arrow



Front-End Developer with a sassy love for a cup of Java. Link to Max Github Closing arrow
A Creative Front End Agency with focus on interactive & responsive design

About MJM


Swedishly Graceful Development

MJM was founded in Stockholm in 2016. We’re a collective of cutting-edge creatives, front-enders, designers and javascripters.
While our society constantly changes MJM strive to always stand at the front line of the creative technology. We devote our lives to create a better online experience for all our clients, and understand the value of customizing our work to our clients brands. We provide our clients full digital services with focus on the user experience.

Picture of responsive design
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Plantify, is on of our biggest clients, they have been with us since the begining.
Feel free to contact them for reference.

Todo List

This Todo list we built to showcase how structured we are as a company.

Pattis Dinner Helper

Patti is one of Swedens top chefs with an idea of making it easier to find inspiration in the kitchen.
She reached to us for help with branding, design and development for her application and this is the result we came up with.

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